Yikety-Yak Don’t Talk Back

The social app Yik Yak, created for use by college students according to co-founder Brooks Buffington, has become popular with Macon area high school students including some at Stratford.
The app allows users to write and post anonymously, which can result in cyberbullying. These posts are visible only to Yik Yak users in the same geographic location, like a college campus or high school.
When Upper School Principal Mrs. Margaret Brogdon became aware of students’ use of Yik Yak on Stratford’s campus, she took action by sending an email to Stratford parents educating them about the app and encouraging them to have a conversation with their child.
Some students were upset by her communication believing it to be an overreaction. Brogdon feels her reasons were sufficient. “I was more interested in alerting parents that it was out there, and that the app might be something that their children have on their phones. Parents would have the power to do something, if they wanted, at home,” Brogdon said.
Students have voiced both pros and cons regarding the Yik Yak app. Some feel Yik Yak is stupid because people only use it to make fun of each other. Others think it’s pretty cool because posts can be funny.
Yik Yak has been disabled on Stratford’s school grounds. “A firewall has been put up on this property, so people can’t use the app on the Stratford campus. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use it once you get home,” Brogdon said.
This action led one student to respond that there is now no point for the app because students were mainly using it at school.