New skirt policy has consequences

Same rule for length, but tougher punishment for offenders


Gazebo Photo by Kate Wimberly

Anna Caroline Hutchinson and Ellie Fitzgibbons are not fond of khaki pants, and they certainly don’t want to have to buy a pair.

But they realize that’s what will happen if they wear their skirts too short at school. They consider it “excessive” to have to go out and buy khaki pants.

The new skirt rule states if a student receives two warnings for her skirt being too short she must wear khaki pants for two weeks.

There has been much talk about the skirt policy. The skirt length is still the same as it was last year, five inches above the knee. The previous consequences if a skirt was too short was demerits.

However, this was ineffective, according to Upper School principals Mrs. Margaret Brogdon and Mrs. Theresa Ferrari.

The new punishment is if a student is given two formal warnings, she loses her skirt privileges and must wear Lands End khaki pants for the next two weeks.

Mrs. Brogden and Mrs.Ferrari said the new punishment was put in place because they believe it will be more effective than the demerits or leggings.

They said it was an effective punishment without causing the student to be uncomfortable, miss school, or be embarrassed. They also said that one of the new skirts, the one with the slit in the back, may have to be discontinued as a skirt for our school because of its tendency to be too short.

Seniors Holland Schell and Alexandra Stefanis believe the new rule will be more effective. Freshman Ellie Fitzgibbons said she preferred the Buckhead apparel.