What is your favorite fair ride?

“The Enterprise because you are not strapped in, and it is dark with flashing lights and music.” —  Sophie Waldrop, sophomore

“The best and worst ride is the Zero Gravity ride because it’s fun but you can’t move.” — Davis Crick, junior

“The Avalanche because it makes your stomach drop and you can see most of the fair when you are at the top.” — Lila McCord, sophomore

“My favorite fair ride is The Claw, because I don’t like going upside down, but it is so fun and you get such a rush!” — Sophie Denisar, junior

“The Headless Girl because it’s fake and fun to make fun of for only $3.” — Ben Jamison, sophomore

“The Zipper because you are trapped in a cage and you are constantly swinging while going really fast.”– Kenna McElmurray, sophomore

“I don’t like the rides, I like the food!” — Lillie Sweet Strickland, junior

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What is your favorite fair food?











“I love fried Oreos.” — Taylor Justice, sophomore

“I love funnel cakes because they are delicious, and they bring me back to my childhood.” –Grant Gordon, junior

“Turkey legs might be my favorite.” — Marlie Potts, sophomore

“Funnel cakes are my favorite fair food.” — Annika Brooks, sophomore

 “Funnel cake! That’s for sure!” — Madelyn Poss, sophomore



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