Marta Stevenson is shown at last years Valentines Sweethearts ceremony in the cafeteria

Gazebo Photo by Kaitlyn Neel

Marta Stevenson is shown at last year’s Valentine’s Sweethearts ceremony in the cafeteria


Marta Stephenson has been at Stratford since the fourth grade.

At The Academy, she has participated in a number of sports including cross country, track, swim, soccer, lacrosse, and softball.

She was a member of Stratford’s homecoming court her senior year. She has served on the yearbook staff for four years, serving as editor for the past two.

Her favorite FLIK meal is Chinese Day, and especially enjoys the egg rolls.

One of Marta’s most embarrassing memories in high school was her sophomore year when she “had to breaststroke up on stage” during the “12 Days of Christmas” performed by the Student Leadership Board during an assembly.

Marta has been a part of the Student Leadership Board for all four years of her high school career. She says she “likes being a part of everything, getting to have an opinion, and representing [her] class.”

Although she claims to love all of her teachers, her overall favorite teacher was science teacher Mrs. Jackie Waters, who has now retired.

Marta says she will not miss the school work at Stratford, but will definitely miss her friends and teachers, as well as Friday night football games, spirit weeks, and her sports teams.

After graduation, Marta hopes to attend the University of Georgia or Georgia Tech.

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