Student comes to Stratford as hurricane evacuee

Katy Brust is staying with Sutton family


Gazebo Photo by Kate Wimberly

Katy Brust, whose home and school were damaged in Hurricane Michael, is attending classes in the lower school

Katy Brust should be sitting in her classroom at her school in Panama City Beach, Fla.

Instead, she is 260 miles from home, attending classes with her cousin, Mills Sutton.

Katy’s house and the school were heavily damaged during Hurricane Michael last week. She is staying with the Sutton family.

Her parents are at their second home in Chipley, Fla. Her older brothers, who are in high school, are with relatives in Charleston, S.C.

Her cousin, Mills, is in the fifth grade, and Katy is attending classes with her.

During the evacuation, Katy said it was the “simple things” she forgot because she had only a few minutes to go inside her house and grab whatever she needed.  Her family was given an estimate of at least one month for the school to be repaired and at least two months for the house to be rebuilt.

Katy expects to move back to Florida in a few weeks, once her parents have figured out the  next steps to take and things are back to normal.