Happy Birthday/Election Day to me


I will turn 18 years old on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and I will be attending  a big party that night.

There will be lots of food to eat, but no birthday cake. Hopefully, it will  be a celebration party for Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor.

Everyone’s 18th birthday is a milestone. It is even more special more me because I will be able to vote for the first time. My birthday has fallen on election day before. The last time was in 2012, when President Barack Obama was re-elected.

I registered to vote six months ago on my ”half birthday.” I was very nervous I was going to have to wait another year but thankfully my mom made a phone call to the voters’ registration office, and they confirmed I would be able to vote.

I will be voting at the Howard Community Center the morning of election day. I am eager to vote because I feel like my opinion matters, and I can make just a small difference in such a big decision for our state, as well as our country.

My family is very involved with the election this year. My brother, Bryan Horn, who is a graduate at Stratford, works the the Kemp campaign. My father, Mark Horn, is great friends with Kemp. We have   been attending Kemp events and rallies all year, including President Trump’s campaign rally with Kemp in Macon on Sunday.

I am very excited I will be able to vote, but even more excited to be attending the Kemp election event in Athens on election night.