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(L-R) Austin Slocumb, Thomas Sachy and Alex Hall

Stratford home of many different hair styles

November 28, 2018

Alex Hall has changed her hair color so many times she could be a chameleon.

Alex, a sophomore at Stratford Academy, has dyed her hair about a dozen times. Her natural hair color is black. At one time, she changed it to blue.

Last year, she showed up at the beginning of the school year with red hair. School officials asked her to change it to a different color.

Now, she has brown and black hair, and she recently cut herself bangs.

“I defied the system, it has two colors,” she said.

School guidelines allow teachers and students are allowed to style their hair in many different ways here at Stratford, as long as it is not dyed an unnatural color. Boys are not allowed to have hair long enough to touch their shoulders.

Sophomore Madison James has long curly hair.

“There is not much I can do with it,” she said.

She does not enjoy having curly hair and wishes it was more manageable.

Junior Thomas Sachy has long brown hair.

“It’s long because whenever I have short hair it sticks up and doesn’t look good,” he said.

Despite this, he claims it is not hard to wash or take care of it.

Senior Austin Slocumb has the opposite views about his care routine, though.

“It is the most painful part of my nightly routine,” he said. “I have to rinse it with way more shampoo or else it gets really greasy and bad.”

He has some of the longest and curliest hair out of all the upper school guys.  Austin and Autumn Land recently were voted as having “Best Hair” for the Senior Superlatives in the yearbook

AP World History and World Geography teacher Dr. Nicholas Ercole does not approve of long hair and has a partially shaved head.

“I look good, and everyone else looks stupid,” he said.


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