Everything you need to know about teen slang

Have you ever heard yourself say the same word or phrase over and over? Here’s why you repeat it.

Yeet. Let’s get this bread. Esketit. Lit. Chill. Lowkey and Highkey are some examples of words and phrases the average teenager says at least three times a day.

Teens use slang, because it communicates more quickly than formal language. For example, “OMW” is faster than typing, “On My Way.’’ Slang also communicates a teen’s meaning or emotion better than formal English.

Teenagers also use slang as an exclusive term within certain groups. Slang presents subtext using communication that is understood within a particular group but not outside it. (Your mom or dad not knowing what you mean by “RT.”)

Not all high school students know what all slang means. Here is a list of the most popular slang and their meanings:

Tea: New gossip that needs to be spilled

@ me (At me): This means fight/ argue with me

Lowkey: Isn’t that big of a deal

Highkey: Is a big deal

Let’s get this bread: Generally used to describe the daily grind

Lit: Really fun or a good time

Esketit: Spanish slang for “Let’s get it.” Best known from Lil Pump’s song “Esketit”.

Ship: Support something, usually a relationship.

Extra: Over the top

Fake Fan: Someone that says they like something only because other people do. (Ex: Bonnie Sherwood and “the Office).

RIP in that chat: one who is roasted and or toasted in a group of multiple people

Oof: Said usually when someone knows they’ve messed up, or something unfortunate has happened. (Ex: Oof I can’t believe James Burrell just scored on his own goal).

Oof, Let’s get this bread, Lowkey and Highkey are among my favorites. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if words like Lit, Extra, and Yeet died out though.

How often do you say these words? And what are some other words you say?