How to avoid getting sick during winter


Gazebo Photo by Harley Anne Shurling

Mrs. Robin Schorr checks the temperature for senior McKay Powers

There are many ways to get sick during the winter, but there is also a lot of ways stay safe.

One of the illnesses that has come through Stratford in the past in the flu. In 2017, Stratford was hit with the ”plague,” when a large number of students and faculty had the flu.

Ever since, the faculty and the students have worked hard to take preventative measures.

Mrs. Robin Schorr most of these virus are spread around Stratford just by “drinking from each others water bottles, sharing utensils, and just being in close proximity.”

Mrs. Schorr said most absences occur between January, February, and March due to all of the widespread sickness.

“Germs can spread in many different way, one way is through the air… and another way is through contact, science teacher Kinsey Peterson said.