Is handwriting still encouraged?

National Handwriting Day observed Jan. 23

Is handwriting still encouraged?

The dictionary definition of handwriting is, “writing with a pen or pencil.”

National Handwriting Day, which was celebrated on Wednesday, Jan. 23, was established in 1977 to promote the use of pens, pencils, and writing paper.

Ms. Rachel Newman, a freshmen English teacher, said she prefers when students take notes by hand.

“I think that mind-to-hand connection is more important than typing,” she said.

Mrs. Michelle Fleming, head of the English department, said she prefers when students type their papers and assignments.

“It’s easier to read, and the double-spacing gives me lots of space to write notes to them,’’ Mrs. Fleming said.

Both teachers said handwriting was starting to disappear, especially because schools are no longer  teaching cursive writing.

Mrs. Fleming and Ms. Newman cited  Anna Caroline Hutchinson, Mekhi Lyder, and Akshar Patel as among the students with good penmanship.