To Please Parents, Board OKs Helicopter

Forgotten lunches, homework assignments, and sports equipment will soon be just a short helicopter ride away for Stratford students and parents.

The Board of Trustees approved the purchase of a helicopter last week, and has secured approval to build a heliport on campus. Plans also are in the works for a drone pad.

Expedited approval for the heliport was obtained from Bibb County and the FAA almost immediately upon filing. Both government agencies recognized Stratford students’ urgent need to have their parents deliver papers, projects, clothing, electronics, backpacks, and athletic gear on demand.

The projected cost of the helicopter and lighted heliport and drone pad is $750,000, according to a board member who wished to remain anonymous. The board member added that money really is no object, because a happy student equates to a happy parent.

Corporate giant Amazon also is negotiating to underwrite the drone pad’s cost, calculating that panicked parents will purchase supplies from the online retailer and have them transported by its new drone delivery system.

Funding for a full-time, certified helicopter pilot will need to be secured.  Partial funding will come from parents opting to utilize Stratford’s helicopter service to take their students to last-minute doctor and orthodontist appointments.

They will be billed on their monthly statements.

The location of the heliport/drone pad is yet to be determined, but parents already are clamoring to be included on the search committee.