The Daffodils of Stratford

Flowers have been a tradition on campus during state basketball tournaments for more than 50 years

Daffodils have been a tradition at Stratford Academy for 50 years. This tradition started when Mrs. Helen Walker and Mrs. Ruby Jo Argo began this in the late 1960s during the basketball region championship.

They would pick the daffodils, put them in buckets, and hand them out. Everyone would pin them on their shirts.

The cheerleaders soon got involved. They, too, began to pick daffodils and hand them out around the school. The fans, coaches, and students would wear a flower on their shirt to show their school spirit.

These flowers were used to represent our original school colors of gold, gray, and navy blue. Today, the flowers are a sign of tradition and school spirit. These flowers were also a good-luck wish to all of the players.

The Varsity cheerleaders continue this tradition during the boys and girls basketball state championships.