Holland Schell named STAR student

Stratford senior names math teacher Mr. Griff Ethridge as her STAR teacher


Gazebo Photo by Chandani Patel

STAR student Holland Schell and her STAR teacher, Mr. Griff Ethridge

Holland Schell has been named Stratford’s STAR student for 2019.

STAR student goes to the senior who has the highest SAT score in their class. Holland scored a 1500, only 100 points away from a perfect score.

She said she was honored to be nominated. In order to prepare for the SATs, Holland worked on Khan Academy and worked with math teacher Mr. Bobby Stecher and English teacher Dr. Frank Katz to strengthen her skills.

She chose Upper School math teacher Mr. Griff Ethridge as her STAR teacher. Holland was his student in the 10th grade in pre-calculus and has been his intern for the past two years.

“He truly cares about his students,” she said. “He never failed to ask me how my day was going or to tell me to have a great rest of the day. He was always sure that no student left his room untouched by his kind words of playful humor.”

Holland sees Mr. Ethridge not only as a teacher but also a friend.

“His comical nature and his amiable personality makes it extremely easy to be able to share anything with him, as we constantly exchange life stories and bond over country music,” Holland said.

It is the first time Mr. Ethridge has been nominated as STAR teacher at Stratford, since he started in the math department 46 years ago. 

He has appreciated Holland over the years they have known each other.

“She is a sweet and charismatic student,” he said.