Your safety around campus

Where defibrillators, Epi Pens, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, pull stations and call buttons are located

On campus at Stratford, Epi Pens are located in…

The field house in Coach Mays’ office

Mrs. Schorr’s Office

The Cantrell Lower School

The Library

The Pre-school

The Teacher’s Lounge

In the science building in the shared lab


Stratford has 6 AEDs (Defibrillators) in…

In the Main Building to the left of the Boardroom at the entrance of the fine arts hall. This gives quick access to the Grady, Robinson Cafeteria, Tift Auditorium, the office, and classrooms.

In the Science Building in the teachers workroom at the end of the upper school class hall. This gives quick access for the science building, softball, and the library.

In the Soccer Concession clearly marked. This gives quick access for soccer, softball, and tennis.

In the Cantrell Lower School Office which gives quick access for the Lower School and tennis.

In the Daws Building in the large ASAP room next to the Neel Room. This location gives quick access to the Gaddy, baseball, and preschool.

And in the Football Concession which gives quick access for cross country, football, track, lacrosse, and marching band.


The fire extinguishers are located in:

The Main floor of the Library which has two fire extinguishers.

The main building has eighteen located on the walls in places including the gym, auditorium, cafeteria, and in the hallways outside of the classrooms.

The lower school has five fire extinguishers in convenient and open areas.

The pre school has four, one in the lobby, two on both ends of the hallways, and one in the mechanical room.

The science building has three in the main hallways.

The Daws building has one near the main entrance.


There are many pull stations at Stratford in…

The main floor of the library has four pull stations in large, popular areas and rooms.

The main building has twenty pull stations, including seven in the gym and the rest throughout the hallways and classrooms.

The lower school has seven mostly located near the fire extinguishers.

The pre-school has three pull stations also near the fire extinguishers.

In the middle school, there are four in obvious places.

Even though there is only one fire extinguisher, there are 13 pull stations in the Daws building.


There are call buttons located next to the door and light switch in every classroom.