Senior Projects offer students first-hand experience


Senior Emory Sutherland is working with Jay’s Hope for her Senior Project

The Class of 2019 is no longer sitting in classrooms at Stratford Academy.

Devon Fitzgibbons is with OrthoGeorgia

They are scattered throughout the community for their three-week Senior Projects. They are getting experience at everything from cake decorating to dentistry to Air Force engineering to film-making to being a wedding planner and a member of The Grapevine band.

Anna Parel is doing her Senior Project at WMAZ-TV and wants to pursue a career in journalism

Emory Sutherland has been working with Jay’s Hope for her Senior Project. She  said she chose Jay’s Hop, a non-profit that seeks to improve the quality of life for children with terminal illnesses, because she has volunteered with the organization before  and has enjoyed being involved with the families and children.

She said she was curious to learn more about how the foundation operates on a day-to-day basis. The most involving thing she has done is visit children while they are getting chemotherapy. She has enjoyed meeting new people, and said this project has made her put things in perspective and realize how fortunate she is.

Anna Parel has been working with 13WMAZ the past week. She chose the television station because of her interest in journalism. She plans on majoring in journalism at Ole Miss and she wants to pursue a career in it after she graduates.  The most interesting thing she has done is watch the 5 p.m. show behind the scene.

Ashlin Jackson has been working with Zebulon Dental Center the past week. She chose this because she is interested in a career in dentistry. She said the most exciting thing she has done is observe a bone graft in prep for an implant.

Devon has been working with OrthoGeorgia. She chose this because she finds it interesting and knows she wants to pursue a career in it. Being able to work in physical therapy and surgeries gives her an idea as to what field she wants to go into. The most interesting thing she has done is sit in on a surgery with Dr. Blackwell. She has seen everything from a carpal tunnel release to a tendon repair.



Aiza Shabbir, Senior Projects 2019 – Cake Decorating

Alex Buehler, Senior Projects 2019 – SAAS Development

Alexandra Stefanis, Senior Projects 2019 — Writing Poetry

Alyssa Ferland, Senior Projects 2019 – Autism Research

Anaya Thomas, Senior Projects 2019 – Dentistry

Andrew Moring, Senior Projects 2019, USAF Engineering

Anna Durso, Senior Projects 2019 – Ginny Marie’s

Anna Parel, Senior Projects 2019 – Journalism (13WMAZ)

Ashlin Jackson, Senior Projects 2019 – Zebulon Dental Center.

Austin Slocumb, Senior Projects 2019 – Radio Assistant

Autumn Land, Senior Projects 2019- Macon Bacon Baseball

Benjamin Jorgensen Senior Projects 2019 – Water Treatment

Betsy Hill, Senior Projects 2019- Judge

Bhavin Patel, Senior Projects 2019 – US Senator David Perdue’s Office (Atlanta)

Bobby McCord, Senior Projects 2019- Orthopedics

Cap Patel, Senior Projects 2019 – Therapy Specialists of Georgia

Caroline Cole, Senior Projects 2019 – Pastry Chef

Caroline Horn, Senior Projects 2019 – Pediatrics

Carson Dorsey, Senior Projects 2019 – Plantation Centre Animal Hospital

Carter Atkinson, Senior Projects 2019 – Pilates

Charlie Giles, Senior Projects 2019- Chef

Christian Palmer, Senior Projects 2019- Orthopedic Physician

Cole McDaniel, Senior Projects 2019 – Teaching

Devin Butts, Senior Projects 2019 – Ortho Georgia

Devon Fitzgibbons, Senior Projects 2019 – OrthoGeorgia

Drake Miscall, Senior Projects 2019- Nursing

Emory Sutherland, Senior Projects 2019 – Jay’s Hope.

Gracie Bell, Senior Projects 2019 – Cooking

Grant Bailey, Senior Projects 2019 – Land Salesman

Griffin Matson, Senior Projects 2019 – Dentistry

Guinevere Heath, Senior Projects 2019- Cooking.

Hadley Neal Senior Projects 2019- Lisenby Orthodontics

Hailey Mosely, Senior Projects 2019 – Dermatology

Harrison Bailey, Senior Projects 2019- Dog Training

Holland Schell, Senior Projects 2019 – Plastic Surgery

Hughes Pinson, Senior Projects 2019 – Mercer Athletics

Isabel McSwain, Senior Projects 2019- Equine Veterinarian

Jamal Hughes, Senior Projects 2019-Golf course

Jamie O’Quinn, Senior Projects – Construction Management

Jayce Stephens, Senior Projects 2019 – Medicine

John Morgan Manley, Senior Projects 2019 – Orthopedics

Jonathan Siegel, Senior Projects 2019- Franchises

Josie Coleman, Senior Projects 2019—Interior Design

Kailey Bohan, Senior Projects 2019 – Kottage Kennels

Kaitlyn Neel, Senior Projects 2019 – Lowe Aviation.

Karen Jarrard, Senior Projects 2019 – Cooking at Idle Hour Country Club.

Katherine Hamilton, Senior Projects 2019 – Sheriff’s Office

Kathryn Spinks, Senior Projects 2019- Mini Zoo

Kenzie Muenzer, Senior Projects 2019 – Wedding Planning

Layne Davis, Senior Projects 2019 – District Attorney

Li-An Tsai, Senior Projects 2019 – Cooking Fundamentals

Lucas Brewer, Senior Projects 2019 – The Medical Center.

Luke Haney, Senior Projects 2019- Electric Components International

Maggie Fuchs, Senior Projects 2019 – Photography

Maggie McCullough, Senior Projects 2019 – Caldwell Veterinary Hospital

Maimee Henderson, Senior Projects 2019 – Clark Media Services

Marta Stevenson, Senior Projects 2019 – Personal Trainer

Mary Lynes Sutton, Senior Projects 2019 – Lawyer.

McKay Powers, Senior Projects 2019 – Macon Magazine.

McKinley Thompson, Senior Projects 2019- YoungLife Area Director

Meggie Aivalotis, Senior Project 2019- Aesthetic Nurse

Molly Griffin, Senior Projects 2019 – Historic Macon

Molly Groves, Senior Projects 2019 – Interior Design/Marketing

Morgan James, Senior Projects 2019 – PC Solutions

Nickolas O’Neal, Senior Projects 2019 – CSI.

Noah Fenimore, Senior Projects 2019 – American Fastening Systems

Preston Brewer, Senior Projects 2019- Financial Advisory

Reese Ellis, Senior Projects – J. Britt Thames Attorney at Law

Rushabh Patel, Senior Projects 2019 – Hospitality Management

Sai Pagadala, Senior Projects 2019 – Baking

Sam Clark, Senior Projects 2019 – Ortho GA

Samantha Atkinson, Senior Projects 2019 – Photography


Stephen Grubb, Senior Projects 2019 – The Grapevine

Travis Cunningham, Senior Projects 2019- Film

Trey Bumgardner, Senior Projects – FusionPoint

Vivian Duong, Senior Projects 2019 – Orthopedic Surgery

Whitney Sikes Senior Projects 2019 – Nursing

Will Chambless Facilities Management

Zuna Shabbir, Senior Projects 2019 – Baking.