Mary Lynes Sutton

Anna P – one compliment a day, Twix, your driving skills, Alien I mean Allen, eagles nest, singing off key, filk chocolate cake, ush, be easy homie, lemon brownies, that one time you straight up stole my joke junior year, amstar curfew, chinese insta comments, green screen, journalism, my classic anna voice, mrs. waters, freshmen boys, your parents, Wendy’s, New Year’s uber home, driving privileges, spending the night without being invited, garrett, music midtown, “hey my parents are out of town”, kroger cake, finessing, pulling up to your house to chat, mo bamba, Katie, a lot can happen in a minute, AP lit movie, HFS+, exFAT, quality computers, dating, my white sweater, short lunch, Haruna, ibis cottage, third wheel, dawson, all our sleepovers, insta dms, the ole miss guys, lil baby, patrick delves

Layne – “are you joking?”, post malone, chancellor, sus, good burger, I’m Ed, pip, study hall fights, the highlands, agape, our night drives, basket of bread, gucci gang, tana, woah it’s vicki, hi my name is trey i have a basketball game tomorrow, 4th of july, I’ve been bamboozled, Moes, “y’all come here a lot”, Hassan, nitotein, cardboard fries, neiburt, sneaking out, all the uber’s, fetty wap, olive garden, jr yr prom dinner, don jon, rainbow kitten surprise, spring break, all the athens trips, on the porch with Greg, double

Ashlin – Ditching you in Athens, Macon forever, salt, my favorite, your match making skills, taylor, our heart to hearts, V8, christmas movies, Greg’s dorm, bear down

Autumn – our love for storms, mac and cheese at lunch, giraffes fighting, Mr. Free, your ignorance of microwaving things, the crazy bull, christmas drive, bragg jam, your birthday party, ….. Cory.

Devon – study hall, fake tan, plastic surgery, hair dying, white chocolate mocha, my clothes, foj, diamond girls, 3 year old besties

Whitney – spring break, blake, shark cave, ibis cottage, ap english, the bull, egg hunting, study hall, lil baby, music midtown, the hike, gata

Anna D – boyfriend troubles, trudi’s tennis skills, your Christmas decorations, shell ambassador, stalking boys houses, Starbucks, gata

My girls – roast sessions, all my boys, “anyone have cash?”, “I miss y’all”, thanksgiving break, Anna’s extra-ness, boy problems, your pie, lunch convo everyday, all the crying snapchatsFreshman English – “I just reads the cards”, Li Ann’s inappropriate questions, Jonathan stripping, jokes…, attacking DK at the beginning of class with staphs and markers, DK giving us “the talk”, notice me simpie, MAAN

Caroline H. – my house…

Maimee – pat tiger, toppers, pineapple pizza, luke

Betsy – those are they, my shower

Cap – big summer blow out, kumbaya, skipping?

Meggie – bby, 50SOG, reign, spring break

Evie and Caroline S. – journalism, macon pizza company, only underclassmen i can stand

Mrs. Fleming – thank you for being my mom

2nd period college algebra – Adams backpack, uncle Steve, iTunes gift card, test fold, boom roasted, the office days, big chungus, rudolf the blue nose bumblebee, all I want for Christmas is.., bathroom timer, Adam roasting Karen, that’s what she said, sea pancake, moist, neighborhood stories, “i still get paid”, thanks for being the best class ever <3


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