Emory Sutherland

Marta: rock climbing, freshman year study hall, sour patch watermelon, Jake Edward’s scarf, jeremy, petit, pizza video, bragg jam, bragg jam festivals, food trucks, homeroom(s), pip, friends again, 2048, dinos, dis knee dat knee, *%៱, disney, halloween, ur bed, u car, fetty wap, swim, breaks from school, the pit, spring break, porch time, bikini shirts, dorito pic, jar of pickles, belize, mrs waters, lead me, the bug in the shower, my bikini bottoms, car ride home, weird snacks, doritos in my bed, koi pond hole, the metal bench, calcified shin, trolls, to go krystals, flik food, song trivia, 12 days of ash, chris brown, dental issues, surprise queen, captains, allergic reactions to running, sausage patties, mouse J, jasper and ginny, xc forever. Kaitlyn: porch time, your dog, mr o’hara, why you no respond, beaners, trolling, shells. Hadley: spring break, xc, sexc, ur basement, snack time. Anna Parel: butt chip, spring break, spring break freshman year, snack time, sharpie.  Betsy: thanksgiving break sophomore year, paintball, fetty, belize, lead me, belize food, neighbors, study hall. Caroline Horn: sadie hawkins junior year, selena gomez, paintball, fetty, july 4th, sam hunt, carrots, dr. dromsky, c-line. Drake: NOLA, ames, chem, soccer, paintball, french, tutti frutti dates, cartilage piercings, martha bowman parking lot, art, SAF. Hughes: pete, halloween, bon hommes, jerzees. Maimee: mrs stroman, xc, disney, dinos, fetty, swim, my dog, jasper, kevin, quesadillas. Gracie Bell: nye blow up mattress. Caroline Sutherland: drew, my room, roxie, soccer, omg nut, sadies.., bus buddy, baking, maroon 5, carpool karaoke. Mitch: my teeth, jeaneanes, dinner dates, skillet cookies, beaners, string project, bball, eagles nest visits, snickers. Mary Spencer: beast, the hill, soccer. Shorter: caroline, baked goods. Kendall and Claudia: xc, disney, scavenger hunts. Jonathan: middle school, wendy and squints, destin, multitasking, the camry, kelly clarkson, jerzees, halloween, tard, mountains, mason ramsey, the bull, terrible movies, scandal, long lunch, juice, birthdays. Hailey: bball, ur house, i luv u. Holland: worm! Belize. Josie Coleman: ariana grande, paintball, fetty, beaners. Ashlin: aquafina, ur gmas house, bragg jam. Karen: fetty, paintball, holes halloween, swim. Molly Groves: spring break freshman year, swim. Will C.: ur mom, walk from sci-fi, chats. AJ: troller, worm, your backpack.


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