Autumn Land

Ashlin Jackson: Apple Jack, AJ, 8u, Joco, prayer breakfast, morning rides, Zara, July 4th at the lake, boyfriends – Trevor, Jake, Middle school softball team, star drill, running to the complex, youth, prayer breakfast, rides with Avery, homeroom, my 3rd baseman, my own room in your house, bella, scratching arms, sleepovers, Halloween 6th grade, sorry I didn’t answer the phone that one night going through Tifton, Athens, Tom Hill Chick Fil A, Fort Walton beach trip, “surfs up girls”, New Years 8th grade year, Ski trip, joco football games, cowboys, Work Crew, snakes are in fact from Miami, best friend forever. Devon: beach trip, wrecks, making fun of my dad, black shorts, salads, house sitting at margos, study hall, Boss Life, your house, cowgirl hats, PDA with jamie, Athens, that time on the elevator, under the pier, volleyball. Anna: halloween freshman year, being late to homeroom, lean cuisines, music midtown junior year, “autumn wtf”, shells, Annie, talks on your bathroom floor, starbucks, Cherry Blossom queen, boat ride in ssi, ssi 8th grade. Molly: molls, senior year, R.T.R.K.B., spring break, your house, Down in the DM remix, railroad, chick fil a, flat tire at chickfila, Freddy’s, Milly trips, Milly Crew, letting me drive Stewy, picking you up in stewy, “wanna meet at BK?”, track, speechless, Mr. S, moon taxi, bullpen catcher, MVP, 4 fish from the fair, best housesitters, pep club pres, syrup with hashbrowns, naps at your house, Life 360, laxatives, 10 points. Mary Lynes: ML, world champion, 2 hour car rides to tucker, surprise birthday party, meeting up with C, christmas lights downtown, bragg jam, gucci belt, randomly being nice, Athens. Hailey: hails, crying on the first day, never wearing uniform, naps at your house, your car, Milly Crew, almost future roomie, faceplant down the hill, broken ankles, spring break, derping. Whitney: Whit, your mom, girls night, softball, your brother, scary car rides with you, deep talks at 1am. Hannah lovett: dickey runs, lake, jet skis, first night of you driving, spanish class, taking you everywhere, plus one, Ethan, bragg jam, Ester. Softball team: shorters collison, sunflower seeds, columbus, agressive bus rides, pitching debut, rocking the bus, 3 goodie baskets, braiding hair, slides, party at ashlin’s, mary spencer and I’s acid reflux. Drake: drakie, daily intern walks, Tattnall boys, tattnall baseball, the lake day, boats, churches, “RFHOO”, Austin, no AC in the jeep, Milly Crew, curling hair, athens, gingerbread houses, roller coaster ride with luke, dickey’s. Jonathan: birthday, mason ramsey, chasing seagulls on spring break, fixing the toe. John Morgan: dailey intern walks, deep convos, juco’s, homeroom, Tj, Milly Crew. Kiki: Airpods or hearing aid, cini minis, bow, D1 commit so no pressure, retired pole vaulter, laughing at pole vault, gameboy, gummies, Nasty Newmans. Dell: 2016/17, fighting at BK. Elizabeth: Taco bell, Work Crew, deep talks on the top bunk, pole vault practice. Griffin: Katz class, “Did you read?”, using you as measurements, rip 7th period study hall. Raelen: Rae, sketchy, Wait you play Lax?, Milly Crew, Laila, freshman year baseball game, “Do you even go here?”, Valentines dance. Christian: All American, black eye, new pair of raybans, “If you don’t win, I’m not going to prom with you”, holding blocks, Milly Crew, 10 points. Jamal: braiding my hair during math, getting kicked out of math, hugs, spilling tea, lotion. Bobby: driving around macon, hannah montana songs. Caroline: Carol, the jeep, Punkin, Pre game naps, Catfish, that one time on the elevator, Budget project freshman year. My girls: a million group messages, never hangout, your pie, I LOVE YALL SO MUCH, AND I’M GOING TO MISS YOU GUYS!!



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