Molly Griffin

Holland: greens, see you at home, gregorny, baby hands, ski trip headboard, Walmart sno cones, never be the same lyrics, squatty aubie, tea guru, inhabitant, twinning with my dad, team worms, carol mathias

Layne: Druvy, otay, Byron, sure, Puerto Rico, ATV rides, ski trip headboard, cobalt kitty,Gucci flip flops, penny pasta, tracy leakies, snail, cowboys and angels, the clap, Mercer. Basketball., dwarfas, aloe, good afternoon gorgeous, Sunday lunches at moes, prayers for Mar, thank u next remixes, xoxo ari, opossum hunting, senior pictures, laney ;), toes, my hands, opening moes cookies, let’s go to gucci, cheese dip

Sam: me earl and the dying girl, prom, turkey ball, blow up mattress, DC group picture, Jamantha, snack cakes

Caroline: grapes, pushing Sam down the hill, go bears, bye baby love you, my sister’s clothes, Starbucks proposals, the red dress

Hadley: Gail, porcelain goddess, exodus floor surprise, ocean floaters, cobalt kitty, battle cry

Marta: team worms, gruffie buddies, nooo tornado,

McKay: study hall photo shoots, ignoring stop signs, shoot, falling out, team worms, Carol Mathias, cockroach, running over turtles,

Cap: AP Bio, your pens, middle school dances, flower project

Kathryn: yokittykatkat, Cracker Barrel table snatchers


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