Andrew Moring

Stephen Grubb: I leave you the keys to the Ducky Force ship, living in Siberia, no wifi, finding the PCB dollar store, and giving me camo. Noah Fenimore: The times we rode around jamming to Rush, long lunch, and breakfast. Our 4th Period squad: One final Midder Didder right? Carson Dorsey: Crashing at your house, and THUUUUUHHH. Preston Brewer: Rock Band, Du Hast, bro-times over the phone and at parties. Alex Buehler: Project H, calling everyone fam, and jeej. Lukas Brewer: loud daddy-long-legs in Cloudland, grilling cookies, and hacker man, spanish music while scouting alex’s house. And that chili, oh boy. Benjamin Jorgensen: spiders on your boat and in the curtains. Travis Cunningham: My birthday cake, your birthday cake, that meme i sent you on friday december 28th, and infinity war at your house. Austin Slocumb: C&O, RX-7, Lady cop, and Triple A. Isabel McSwain: riding shotgun listening to Billy Joel at 11:30, WaHo, Tractor Supply, and helping you rhyme. That was painful. Guinevere Heath: I leave you with every party that we’ve both been to where we’d always end up outside by the fire talking about life’s crazy moments. I’m gonna miss those times. Carter Barfield: I leave you with the cake we tried to bake, literally every day in math, and Walmart at 3. Riley Davis: Being our one true MBR female correspondent, making plans, and being our little sister. Nathan Dummitt: I leave you my jeep legacy if there ever was one. Jayce Stephens: You get all the fire mixtapes that I’m going to put together. Coach Bridges: You get one last SUP COACH from me as a student. The rest will be from me as an alumni. Lauren McElrath: I leave you your dogs. These are the only dogs you can have, the rest are mine. I’m gonna miss driving you home cause that’s when I would get to see them. I leave you with all the times you’ve asked me for starbursts before 5th and all the times in band when you’d spill the tea for me. Lastly, to the Fellas: I leave you all with our bonfires at Stephen’s house, the borgars at the lake, the back of the band bus, lunch under the oak tree, our minion onesies, passing LEGO Star Wars around formation during band awards, bepis hats, and the Jackson Awards. Macon Bathroom Reviews: Smell you next time!


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