Caroline Cole

Maggie McCullough:  Oxford trips, Camo Blankets, the dogs, Sophomore Halloween, the fair 2016, all my boys, lunch dates, starbucks, coffee every morning, gum, the floor, the reindeer plate, lawson, driving to forsyth, our long drives, keychains, mini dab, my dancing, JC, Brigg, man bun, my play, sitting in the car, third wheeling, the bus

Molly Griffin: Advil, Starbucks, Dollar Bills, SportClips, your sisters clothes, man bun, “Nooooooo Tornadooooo”, grapes, donut holes, Starlight starbright, embarrassing pictures of me, the video, oxford, the mall, my favorite maroon dress, the floor, my clothes, “bye baby love you”, my knee, me hitting the ground, the rod in the backpack, Gucci Flip Flops, dance team, comMUnity, GO BEARS, make it mercer, roommates, flying chocolate chips

Holland Schell: always letting me come over, cheer, white cheddar puffs, Clemson vs. Georgia Southern game, polar pops, pups, Cheer camp, bus buddies, wisdom teeth, liquid gels, shoulder sits, your dads t-shirt, khaki skirt, man bun, Dancing Queen, Mt. Paran game, Zaxbys, tags, nut bag, naps, “can I call my mom?”, grapes, donuts, my knee, your walkway outside, Cropped Hoodie, bobalicious, shakeem, fruit loops, sidewalk outside of the science building, WAR EAGLE

Anna Parel: Donuts, The fair, boy issues, sleepovers, The Longest Ride, blue lulu shorts, Mary Persons Hoodie, freshmen, Cheer Camp, “How old are you?”, “Learn to count!”, bus rides, “Let’s get this bread”, Hannah Montana, cookie dough, Thursday night sleepovers, “Do I” by Luke Bryan, The cult, two fingers, my ex’s clothes, starbucks, rings, the Worst, no friends, Car rides, name bracelets, JC x2, naps on the floor, “I’m going down”, meals in the movies, the knife, standing on my back, Eddie G, boyfriend, leg pictures, FPD fall festival, Zaxbys, the glitter pillow, jello, Subway boy, where’s the chapstick???, Eddie G telling me my future, loop road karaoke, Wilco, Ethics class, Bigger the H… the bigger the H, always being the mom, my shoe, Brigg, lockscreen, cropped hoodie, cooper, baseball players, shakeem, petty group messages, mcdonalds, getting lost on the way to my house, my brother, English and APUSH secret texts, 4th Jonas Brother, FOJ dates, naps in class, “Your sheets are soft”, your pants, Coach Farriba, blue honda crv, editing my pictures, Zaxbys, HOTTY TODDY, bday 3, my boys clothes, our relationship

Hadley Neal: Cabbage Patch Kids, Boy Drama, Freshmen, Cheer camp, the Hummer, Getting hit by cars, Pound sign, Bus rides, “You’re fat”, “Let’s get this bread”, Hadleyween, nut bag, Sadies, Wilco, Boyz, Rainbow cupcakes, Shamrocks and shenanigans, my Instagram posts, every time I need advice, crust elbows, WAR EAGLE

Layne Davis: every single mercer event, long lunch, 7th period study hall, broken seatbelts, Subway boy, Great American Cookie, giving me rides constantly, UPS video, Beautiful, Snail, Messy Buns, Workouts, Allergy Doctor, Your Pie, kicking me out of the car, taking your dad food, jello, facetimes, Mercer basketball, Asheville, socks, Your windshield, beanie, floor dance, Melissa, Johnny, “hands on the wheel, missy”, HUSH, pip, “Satan summoning ostrich”, black bean quesadilla, Barbs >> Moes, Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce and ranch, Diet Coke, Green Bell Pepper pizza, IVP, 5 pounds of gummy bears, Mrs. Waters, Physiology, Luna, your dream, coffee stirrers, Cookies before Sadies, Boyz, snail, adventures, UNC-Asheville, derp, bill, celebratory shots, dangle, postyyy, fardaws, i wanna hold your toast, cowboys and angels, UCLA, neverending playlist, thicc calves, spongebob squarepants, ABC gum, cropped hoodie, Luna, Make It Mercer, GO BEARS, Mr. Ethridge’s 3rd period class, let me see your snapchat, banana, something like that, Yung Nugget, Brigg, Senior Picture, broken nose, lazy eye, ice cream, slam on brakes, I love you snail

Samantha Atkinson: Muddy Hills, Hand dryers, Manther, Farm, screaming at you, never coming to watch you dance, ROLL TIDE, apes, spring break, freshman year, lobster mode, goldfish mode, gimme your food, cheese and crackers, dead rat and a cracker, homeroom, going through phases where I don’t like you, your nasty toes

Kathryn Spinks: Cranberry Bogs, Pineapple Plantations, gang signs, Bonefish, Bowen, Frogs, Snakes, Red Bull, Canada, your boy, Shut Up, please leave me alone, dinner, Easter Egg hunts

Samuel Barrow: Shiny pants, cousins, Roommates, liking my instagram comments, Mr. Ethridge’s 3rd period class, hugs

Lawson Cole: Car rides, Mercer games, Thursday night Mexican, Family trips, Your friends, responding to my friends when im driving, knowing your order, can’t keep a secret, Big Green tractor, Your music, baseball

Taylor: Brigg, My bestie, Workouts, all my drama

Cooper: Brigg, Anna, Baseball, “can I have a ride home?”

AJ: Journalism, Brigg, Lax, SLB, Jaylen, Dickeys

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