Li-An Tsai

Andrew: seeing a jeep next door

Anna Katherine: an exclusive “hello” just for you

Anyone who’s ever submitted art to Lit. Mag. during my reign as Arts editor: resting peacefully without me bugging you about the Lit. Mag.

Austin: Hrrrrnnggh Colonel

Brolis: suits & anime suggestions

Doc: 18 y/o decoy

Feni: most artistic squad 

Gabby: the ability to stop thinking

Gavin: resurrection of the ALC (coming soon?)

Ginny: the boudoir door

Griffin: Sheila

Harmony: my undying loyalty to Nagle Island and the Queen 

Hendley: a squishy fatsuit

Horsey: Japanese name

Jack: A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (the heirloom)

Jocelyn: my atria and ventricles per your request (not sure what you are gonna do with them)

Kailey: bean smoothie

Kathryn: high fives 

Kenzie: “I think I’m done for the night”

Luka: Luka

Maddie: many merry furry chonky good boys

Maggie: Flex on Muscle Magz

Mr. Stecher: sister 

Mrs. Lolis: (the coupons don’t expire 

Pranya: ice flavored shaved ice

Preston: nonononononononono

Sai: I’m putting you here just so you won’t feel left out but do I really need to leave you anything??? we are literally gonna live together

Stebo: (stebo)

: it’s a jumper

Taylor: my infinitely limited knowledge of art 

Travis: shut up Travis

Varnika & Esha: my seat and catchphrase in Quizbowl & You Are Good

Zarif: christmas candies

Zuna: did you fell again?!?! & decapitated Loki key chain (as seen on screen)


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