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Carter Atkinson

Zuna: 8th grade squad, TikTok, your Slater obsession, French 4, your editing skills, both of our emo phases, lunch outside, Mr McLain’s room, our AP Lit film, your impromptu falls, “that’s not like her to just fall!”, Joy,  our amazing singing skills, AP French, passive aggressiveness, CrossFit

Vivian: “your hair looks like silk!!”, freshman year English with Mrs Henderson, hooty hoo!, you coming into my math class only to see us doing nothing, lunch outside, AP Chem, Mr McLain’s room

Reese: besties since 6th grade!!, our 8th grade squad (I won’t say the name of it here), French 4, lunch outside, Mr McLain’s room, Phill

Kathryn: our daily mirror selfies!!!!, roll dawgies, lunch outside, having to switch sides every time we take a picture together, heel clicks, seeing you at Dance Arts every Monday when you drop off Annalee and weekly bestie parking, eagles nest visits for snack time in Calc BC

Isabel: former dance tea, lunch outside, memories at Little Creek, the winter musical

Maggie: AP Bio memories and Fun Fridays, Muscle Magz, our 8th grade squad

Sai: GHP!!!!!!!!!!, sodium girls, sal squad rants, our AP Lit film, Miss Havisham

Meggie: baby!!!, thank you for welcoming me into Stratford theatre in our last year!!!, long reassuring talks, our AP Lit film, Estella

Kailey: AP Calc memories, not knowing what we’re doing at all, go COC go cougars!, pancake bites, eagles nest visits before math, lunch outside

McKay: dance tea, post MGYB el som dates, all our dance memories, Nutcracker, Spanish, dying in Flowers, French 4

Guinevere: you losing things like your glasses all the time, homeroom memories

Cap: tea time in Mrs Chabot’s room
Li-An: sodium girls, sal squad rants, your end of year project in French 3

Anaya: Alex II alumni!!
Bhavin: freshman year Sadie Hawkins, passing you on the interstate at least once a week, lunch outside

Sarah: fine arts day!!!, queen mode, full out mode, dancey mode, the two indigo jewels, tea time, I am literally leaving you and Annika my whole heart because I don’t know how I’m going to leave you guys
Annika: also leaving you fine arts day!!!, queen mode, full out mode, dancey mode, leaving you and Sarah my whole heart because I don’t know how I’m going to leave you guys, broadway musical obsessions, always asking for  fashion advice, the bug on your front door, el som dates, rant sessions

Harley Anne: dance arts tea, being like your big sister, nutcracker memories, car rides to MGYB on Friday afternoons, my combos in jazz

Maddie: poetry out loud, the winter musical
Matt: the moon and me (fester + the moon=relationship goals!)
Holland: sophomore year ~schedule buddies~, French 4

Riley: kuntry gorls !!

AP Calc BC: Eagles’ Nest visits before class, peanut M&M’s for Mr Stecher, enduring Kathryn everyday, our Christmas card!!

AP Lit period 4: “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”, girl power
AP French: incest

Mrs Chabot: a charger because I used yours everyday! also thank you for everything!!

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