Holland Schell

Molly: Gregorny, squatty Aubie, see you at home, baby hands, never be the same, Marg, Guinevere’s roast in stats, free tea bags, no Keisha a valve, Kenny Jenny, book club, McDonalds, Ms. Tina, Hayes, Walmart snow cones, boys soccer team, cheese dip, Sadie Hawkins flowers, Lacey’s chicken nuggets, puppy walks, Jimmy, Tommy Lind, teen space, bee in the purse, porcelain goddess, snacks for the road, Brendell, Sketchy, SAT tutoring, spicy chicken deluxe, Meg’s math homework, your water shoe at Kaitlyn’s house, carnival cruise, broom man, gummy worm, skyzone, boy in the striped pajamas, shawshank redemption, nooo tornado, Chloe, car accident before vbs, ninja turtle, Darian, Bon Hommes laps, Bethany streaks, Jolex, Deann Brookhouse, Carol Mathias, greens Marta: David from stats, Little Debbies, dog poop, questionable stains, newly renovated basement with hardwood floors, Kaitlyn’s intervention, Sanders, Sadie treats, search for Zilla, cheese stick, worms like you, Adam’s pet Graham, Soulja boy tell ems, parks and rec t-shirts, Martin, kiwis, subway, chemistry scandal, Wickershams, Trash, turkey in your pocket, car magnets, bulimia, fungus hunt, boom snap clap, gray cheer uniform, Betty Cantrell, shallow, young life, Chick-fil-A camp, pip toe through the tulips, oceans, lead me to the cross, cleaning people van, things you didn’t ask to know, koi pond, larva in New York Mckay: Rolando, Belize, cockroach, part the seas, Waffle House, chaffing cream, Anna Kate Medlin, just dance, trivia night, lax game, fanny pack, l’addition, escargot, free wifi, ooohhh, ragtime, the streak, hint of lime, mustard, carrot raisin salad, cool friends on the tennis team, flan pep talk, your music taste, Matchington, team worms, side ponytail, honor council, crop top superman suit, otbts Kaitlyn: Hardwood floors, flatscreen, the hill next to your house, getting stuck between the seats in the ski trip van, pep club t-shirt, spring break bed buddies, thinking I’m a doctor, John Coleman’s truck, traveling soldier, Mr. O’Hara, Marta on the curb, tubing, Molly’s water shoe, dead body in your driveway, speech impediment, esponge the frend Layne: ski trip van, snail, apes, snorkel, Hudson, pure barre, Coach Ramsey, cheese dip, United in pink race, tube in the back of Kaitlyn’s car, Maddie, broom man, Edgewater, Ms. Mary, Buddha, your skis, smoochie, phalanges Ellen: lemons, gladiator school, bidet, jumping rope with Toon, Valentino, licking the monuments, flashing Paris, airport security, tardies Sophie: bus buddies, Target, annual cheer tryout practice, chicken salad, roomies, Milind, fake bags, big girl purchases, frozen lemonade, varsity 2 tennis, carrots, sleeping in the cathedral, Addams family Grey: alone in my house, Milind, churn my own butter, losing Ellen, l’addition s’il vous plait, Ellen’s sandals, ooohhh Caroline: naps in my bed, eating your way through my pantry, body scrub, uca camp, senior picture in your car, freshman boys, sneaking you into the gym, my dad’s t-shirt, Taco Mac, dry sockets, Twiggs county, crying on the cheer bus, liquid gels, Chick-fil-A gift cards, does your dad work at Mercer, gym floor chicken nugget, fruit loops, bobalicious, nut bag, man bun, back to the 80s, gypsy, shoulder sits, sidewalk outside the science building, white cheddar puffs, cropped hoodie, can I call my mom, polar pops Hadley: war eagle, angel, Marg, tapestries, toothbrush, butt sweat, fiber gummies, bowel movements, Twiggs county, fatniss, broom man, gummy worm, bra and the stick, so to speak, Belize love songs, Holy Innocents bear, rich kid playground, screech, crime junkies, nut bag, bodda getta, bobalicious, self confidence issues, butt chip, dobby dance Betsy: Tourette’s, Gunn, Waldron, tricking Lillie Sweet Josie: Taylor Swift, home pom, your cats, fake love, the stunt with the spin, Joanns, dinner for Ms. Solomon, Eastman, your grandma on facebook, shakeem, dangerous man with some money in my pocket, tanning lotion, run that like Cardi B Anna Parel: Coach Smith, sandwiches, twiggs county french fries, freaky Friday in the ski trip van, piggy pimento, respecting women Sam: book club, French 4, killing a bug with your shoe, schedule buddies, solar eclipse with the middle schoolers, dessert cakes, cheese and crackers, apple sauce, smoothie at Dairy Queen, sorry forgot we do that, spray tan, SMU, cousins at lunch Kathryn: brookie, pots, yokittykatkat, last night of English filming, Chico and Chang’s, stats Starbucks study date Maggie: Grammy, noma, Caitlyn’s boyfriend, the cabin, Macon swirls, child labor, live pd, lulu, litter box in the bathroom Zuna: Roro, gelato everyday, scarves everywhere, plane rides, your moms chocolates, crying on the plane, flan, free WiFi, apple for dessert Cap: Anum, awkward gazebo pictures Gracie: she needs tape, Felix, mr Harrington, SLB retreat, phone charger whips, Dobby

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