Plenty of smiles for Yearbook Picture Day



Yearbook Picture Day, despite the endless smiling faces, is typically a somber day for students, especially those in high school.

“I hate it. I have to get early, do my hair, dry my hair, and straighten it. And I have to look presentable because every other day, I do not look presentable,” freshman Zoe Leigh said.

Despite the frustrated emotions picture day may bring, Mrs. Juleen Thomas, the school’s yearbook advisor, is always optimistic.

“Picture day always goes well when you have cooperation from the school, especially, from Mrs. Juleen,” photographer Lee McDavid said. “Her assistance is invaluable.”

Upper School students, faculty and staff members, Pre-School students and students in second and eighth grade all had individual photos taken on Wednesday. Students in the Lower School, along with sixth- and seventh-graders were scheduled for Thursday.

Apart from the typical photos taken, the seniors took their funny face pictures on Wednesday.

Picture day always goes well when you have cooperation from the school.

— Photographer Lee McDavid

Students had fun posing with friends and making signs to incorporate inside jokes in their funny face photos.

Lillie Sweet Strickland designed a sign with the iCarly logo. She said that she is often compared to the show’s star, Miranda Cosgrove, and it is an ongoing joke between her friends.

Nate Jones made a joke about his daily commute from Monticello to Macon, writing “Be there in 45…”

Some students took it another way, reminiscing on embarrassing moments from high school.

Jenny Belle Butler stood with Matt Newberry holding a sign that said: “Homecoming Court 2016,” in remembrance of their awkward hug on stage freshman year when she was named homecoming rep.

Maya Rubinstein held a sign that said: “Last Seen In Israel.” She spent a portion of her junior year and last summer there, and her friends often joke with her about how she is never home.