It’s that day again

Students, teachers weigh in superstitions on Friday the 13th


Gazebo Photo by Will Lamb

Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck

When something good happens, freshmen Jean Hightower, Elinor Fenimore and Paige Gray start looking for the nearest wooden table. 

“Whenever there isn’t any wood around, I knock on my head,” Jean said.  

Friday is one of two days on the 2019 calendar when the 13th falls on a Friday. (The other is in December, which happens to be the last day of the fall semester before exams.)

Like many other Stratford students, Langley Anne Faulkner is superstitious about walking through the middle door at the main entrance to the school.

A superstition that has been around for centuries is that spilling salt is unlucky.

“I always throw salt over my shoulder if I spill salt,” sophomore Carly Blackwood said.

“On my laces, I always tie them until I can’t tie them anymore so they don’t come untied,” sophomore Dylan Driver said.

Even teachers admit they can be superstitious.

“When I’m watching my favorite team and they’re winning, I don’t move.” French teacher Mrs. Rachel Chabot said. “That’s really weird but it’s how I was raised.”