Pumpkin spice and everything nice


Every year, I await the arrival of pumpkin season. It arrives in stores in late August and early September, as fall decor and various flavored foods. In general, pumpkin spice and pumpkin are for “acquired” tastes of flavor. Some people get as excited as I do, and others cannot stand it. 

Muffins, waffles, white chocolate, coffee syrups, cookies, pop tarts, and oatmeal are some of the different pumpkin flavors that are amazing. This year, I found “little bites” muffins that I really enjoy as well as Cheerios.

I also found an Equal sugar-free sweetener I enjoy in coffee. One day, I want to try it in my oatmeal.  I once found some pumpkin green tea to try.

To my dismay, it was not good. It is surprising that I have not tried Starbucks’s pumpkin spice latte,  because I have not heard good reviews. I would hate to have a bad pumpkin spice experience. Pumpkin spice items can be hit or miss. Some are good and some are not.

I spray pumpkin spice air fresheners in my room and have scented wall plug-ins. Something about the smell is warming to me. My mother believes my air freshener is too strong, but I love it. Even my nails are painted a glittery, orange, pumpkin color to match my obsession. The pumpkin color is one of my favorites to wear in the fall season.

I have always been a lover of pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon flavored and scented items. This is due to my passion for the fall season.

Macon is very hot for the first parts of the fall, so sometimes it is very hard to feel like it is fall. I can not always wear my favorite fall outfits because of the heat.

I know with the trustworthy pumpkin spice, I can always get a taste of the fall.