Going to fair makes me happy


Maci Durso, left, and friend Abigail Crick enjoy a moment at the Georgia National Fair in Perry.

If you live in Middle Georgia, you most likely have been to the Georgia National Fair in Perry. The fair just completed its 30th year, and I was there to help celebrate that milestone.

The fair is by far one of the more fun things to do in Middle Georgia. I honestly get super bored living in Macon, so I get super excited when the fair comes around. I personally like going for the rides especially, but I know a lot of people also go for the food. 

This year I went to the fair with some of my friends, it always comes around my birthday so I go every year and take people with me. This year I went with six of my friends; Carter Tharpe, Parker Epps, Langley Anne Faulkner, Peyton Lovett, Abigail Crick, and Ellis Harrell. 

All of the girls loved riding the rides, but the guys honestly were way more scared than us. I’m a huge fan of scary things so I love going on all of the rides. My dad always made me go on scary rides since I was a kid,  so they don’t scare me so much anymore. 

Although I go for the rides,  that’s not the only thing to do. I love playing games like ring toss and basketball, I always blow my money on these kinds of games. Every year I always try to win a big stuffed animal or a goldfish, which ends up dying a few days later.

Fair food is also really good, but I try to stay away from it so that I don’t throw it up on the rides or even worse on someone else, which is one of my biggest fears.

I also like petting and looking at the animals every year, like the baby chicks and pigs which I also strangely find adorable.

Going to the fair at night is also one of my favorite times to go. The weather gets cooler and the lights at night are super pretty. The fair lights at night glow bright with red, yellow, and blue.

Going to the fair every year is definitely something I love doing.