Driving makes ‘Sweet Sixteen’ even sweeter


Sophomore Ashley Parel is thrilled about getting her driver’s license, and the freedoms and responsibilities that come with it

I can’t believe it. I’m 16. Ever since I was younger, I have looked forward to being 16, and now it’s finally here! The thought of having my own car and driving alone has always been a dream of mine. My birthday was on October 22, and a lot of my routine has changed once I finally got my license. 

 I can drive my Honda CRV (I inherited from my older sister, Anna)  alone without a parent. This is a big step because I can take myself to school every morning and take myself home. I won’t have to wait for my mom to pick me up in the old middle school line. I also can park in the Pit and go to school at my own time. 

My license also allows me to get out of the house more and hang with my friends. Although I have to wait six months until I can drive my friends, I can drive myself to more places. If my mom can’t take me somewhere, I can now drive myself and be on time. If a friend invites me over while I am home alone. I don’t have to say I can’t go because I can drive alone to their house. I can also go to the mall, buy more food, and hang out with my friends. After my six-month probation period, I will drive and listen to music with my friends.

Whenever my sister and I were bored, we would always drive around random places and jam to music. Now, I can take my friends during the summer to go to BK and listen to music. 

With my license, a lot of responsibilities also come with driving a car. I need to be aware of my surroundings to avoid getting in wrecks since my mom won’t be there to tell me what to do. I also will be in charge of getting my own gas for my Honda CRV. I will probably need to babysit more to get more money or try to get a job. 

I also have to start driving my brother, Jack, who is in the sixth grade, to more places. Once I’m comfortable driving by myself, I’ll probably have to take my brother to school. I’ll also have to take him to all his football, basketball, and golf practices. 

Although having a license is exciting, I need to make sure to stay intact with my surroundings to avoid getting in accidents. I’m excited to have the freedom of going wherever I want, but I also don’t need to drive too much because of the payment of gas. 

Well, I guess I could say life is pretty sweet being 16.