The Fashion Code: Falling Out of Summer

Girls, it’s almost that time of year again when we are forced to put away the crop tops and kimonos, pack up the gladiator sandals, and pull those feathers out of our hair (who knew that would make a comeback?), and switch gears completely for the coming of fall.

Against our will and good fashion sense, we will pack up our colorful summer wardrobes and pull out the blue, khaki, and plaid Stratford unis we love so dearly.

Then the plot begins to accessorize them in ways that stay in the good graces of both Mr. Chance Reynolds and fall trends.

No matter what the season, one of the hardest decisions for girls to make while getting dressed in the morning is deciding on shoes that are both stylish and fit the dress code. While our summer sandals are now forbidden, and with our boots still buried deep in our closets during the recent heat wave, our options are limited.

The most popular choice that I have noticed many girls wearing this year is low-top Converse sneakers, mostly in white or blue. Although these edgy shoes have made cameo appearances in the halls for years, apparently the freshmen and sophomores received a memo over the summer to throw out their Wallabees, because Converse are the new go-to school shoes for running into fall.

Another summer trend sneaking its way into fall is “Flash Tats,” those metallic temporary  tattoos that look like jewelry. These elaborate bangles and even necklaces were often seen on the ankles and wrists of tons of girls at summer pool parties, and are now a top choice as a uniform accessory. I guess that makes picking out jewelry easy in the morning (for about a week, anyway)!

With our first football game coming up, the One-Act play getting ready for competition, and so many more exciting events happening around campus, we can’t wait for fall here at the Academy. Summer trends are slowly beginning to fade away while we pull out our sweaters, scarves, and boots for my favorite fashion season. Although colder weather may seem out of reach now, I am anxiously waiting to see what other trends girls will come up with to add personality and style to our khaki skirts this year.