Senior Superlatives bring surprise, delight


Gazebo Photo by Taylor Swan and Josie Lamb

Senior Ellen Adams, who was voted “Most Likely to Sign in Late” said she might hold the record for “most tardies in Stratford history” and the vote probably was unanimous.

Senior Superlatives for the class of 2020 were announced at the Monday morning assembly on Nov. 4. Many people may have expected their superlative, but there were definitely a few recipients who were shocked when their names were called.

John Thomas Carter, who received the superlative for Biggest Flirt, says he was “shocked but thinks it is funny.” His friends chimed in and said that it was very fitting for him. When asked about his Best Smile superlative, Raelen Jones was flustered and said he was “very flattered.” 

A few seniors were expecting to receive their superlative. Ellen Adams received the superlative for Most Likely to Sign in Late, and that was no surprise to anybody. She said  she “was not very surprised because [I have] the most tardies in Stratford history” and she is convinced the vote for her “was almost unanimous.”

Jenny Belle Butler received the Friendliest superlative and she says she wasn’t surprised at all. She says she had been talking about it with her friends, so she “was expecting it.” She said she is happy she won it with classmate Will Deal. 

Most Eagle Pride:  Matt Newberry and Elizabeth Sellers 

Cutest: Samuel Barrow and Daisy Ge 

Most Likely to Sign in Late: Ellen Adams and Todd Battcher 

Best to Take Home to Parents: Hannah Lovett and John Bickley

Best Smile: Josie Lamb and Raelen Jones

Most Changed Since Middle School: Hall Buice and Anna Grace Grossnickle 

Biggest Flirt: John Thomas Carter and Sutton Barrow 

Cutest Couple That Never Was: Arya Datta and Chidozie Nwabuebo 

Best Hair:  Carter Barfield and  Zeyna Abdulla

Most Gullible: Molly Garud and Carter Eddlemon

Best Dressed: Lillie Sweet Strickland and Grey Faulkner

Friendliest: Will Deal and Jenny Belle Butler

Class Clown: Will Baxley and Lucy Boswell

Most Social:  Nate Jones and Holly Hunt 

Most Artistic: Haley Hendricks and Grant Gordon 

Prettiest Eyes:  Susan Hightower and Davis Crick

Most Athletic:  Dell Sikes and Nadia Reese

Most Likely to Return to Macon: Graham Hefner and Sophie Denisar

Most Likely to be Famous: Riley Davis  and Tomi Sogade

Biggest Chatterbox: Azeem Fazal and Abby Ellison