Jack Medlin


People know this junior by many names: J-Med, Jackie Meds, Meds, and Jack. When he’s not roaming the halls or “medding” it up at cross country, shooting, basketball, or baseball, he is most likely hanging out at the Baxleys’ house having a “bro night” and making waffles.  He has been an Eagle since Pre-K spending a total of 13 of his 16 years here at Stratford. And almost everyone at Stratford witnessed the infamous “nasty” folks he hit at the basketball pep rally his freshman year. During his summer you could find him manning the peach pallet at Dickey Farms in Musella, Georgia, or sleeping on his few days off. He is almost always craving three things- wings, parmesan cheese, and Dr. Pepper. That is Jack Medlin for you if you don’t know him, and for those who do now you know even more.