My love for baseball


Gazebo Photo by Courtesy of Eagle Action Pics

Waldon Davis plays shortstop during his sophomore season.

Baseball is a sport that requires hard work, skill, and determination.  It is by far my favorite sport for those reasons. 

I love to work hard, I have the perfect skills — speed and good hand-eye coordination — a baseball player needs.  I am determined to do my best in the process.

I have been playing baseball since I was 4 and things just started getting serious. It all started when I was 12 when I began playing with a traveling team called the  “Naturals”. 

We were an insanely good team out of middle Georgia. We won many  tournaments, and it’s where I started to love the game of baseball. 

Then, things started to get very serious when people were telling me I had a shot to play at the next level. When high school baseball began I was very nervous as a freshman.  However, the upperclassmen hyped me up and gave me hope of playing. 

Then, the first game I started at second base and from then on I was no longer nervous. I played shortstop for the rest of the games and the year ended badly when we lost to a good team

Last year, as a sophomore, I was named MVP of the team after a long season and a losing record. With that happening, my parents began to strongly believe I had a chance at the next level.

 Also, the past summer I went to some college showcases and tournaments and began getting a few emails from small schools. This is when I realized I needed to pursue this game.

Baseball has done so many things for me including making me a better person, pushing me through tough times, and lastly the game has shown me how to pursue my dream.