Class retreats planned for Wednesday


Ballroom dancing will be among the activities for juniors at the Armory Ballroom

On Wednesday, Upper School students will participate in the annual class retreats. Each grade has different activities planned for the day.

The freshmen will be taking a trip to “Old Stratford” at the Woodruff House on Coleman Hill. During the trip, the students will take a tour and learn more about the school’s history from Middle School History teacher Mr. Andy Lawson. The teachers who will be chaperoning the trip are Mr. Preston Earle, Ms. April Bacon, Ms. Kristin Stephens, Mrs. Prisnny Acevado, Mr. Willis Kallay, Mr. Mike McCue, Mr. Luke Harrington, Ms. Stuart Hubbard, and Mrs. Hollie Wangerin. 

The sophomore class will host a field day on campus for students at Elam Alexander. The 10th-grade retreat is lead by Mrs. Rachel Chabot. The grade will be split into different teams, and a teacher will be assigned to help a specific group. The teachers who are involved are Mrs. Kinsey Peterson, Mrs. Kenna Jones, Mrs. Susan Haynie, Dr. Nick Ercole, Mrs. Lindsey Spillers, Dr. Tom Lolis, Mrs. Alex Minor, and Coach Tyler Brown. At the retreat, 10th graders will help the children participate in around ten field day activities. Students will be dismissed at noon. 

The juniors will be involved in service projects during the morning on Wednesday. The grade will be split among the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank, Backpack Ministries at Forest Hill Methodist, the Fuller Center for Housing, and Macon Little Theatre. After lunch, the juniors will meet downtown at the Armory Ballroom for an afternoon of activities. The activities include a scavenger hunt with Mr. Ed Grisamore and Mr. Mike Kelly, ballroom dancing with Mrs. Cason Wilkin, frying plantains with Dr.  Kayla Morales, learning embroidery with Mrs. Candace Bridges, playing trivial pursuit with Coach Ross Bridges, and learning the basics of chess with Mr. Bobby Stecher. 

The senior class will enjoy a picnic lunch on Wednesday. The senior retreat is led by Mr. Griff Etheridge, and the other teachers chaperoning are Mrs. Theresa Ferrari, Mr. Brian Wells, Mrs. Michelle Fleming, Dr. Frank Katz, Mr. Stephen O’Hara, Mrs. Susan Lolis, and Ms. Laura Voss. Before the picnic, the students will be split into eight groups, and they will take turns playing games. At the end of the retreat, the senior class will play capture the flag before having their picnic lunch.