Hungry? Check out these food gems in Macon


Macon is a good place for people to branch out and find the hidden gems for restaurants in Macon. Over time, I have found some of the best, low-key places to eat.

Eating downtown is a very popular option in Macon. I try to pick out the places that are not typical which can sometimes mean finding a place downtown, on Zebulon Road, and Bass Road.

One restaurant I have began to enjoy almost twice a week is Teriyaki House. Located across from the “new Mall” is a place with the best Japanese food in Macon. It is not very expensive and it comes with large portions. My go-to meal there is the teriyaki chicken with fried rice and noodles. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a meal that tastes great and will leave you asking to go again.

Another gem in Macon for food options is Macon Pizza Company. This is by far the best pizza place in Macon and is one of my favorite places to eat. They menu contains a variety of foods, not just pizza. I really like the “shark bites,” which is pizza dough balls filled with cheese. Macon Pizza Company has great service, is really affordable, and tastes amazing.

Finally, another low-key restaurant that is amazing in Macon is Fish n’ Pig. Fish n’ Pig is located in Lake Tobesofkee. They have the best catfish in Middle Georgia. The location is great because the person eating has a nice view of the lake.

All three of these restaurants are unique, affordable, and tastes great. I highly recommend all of these restaurant to anyone looking to try something new.