SLB holiday charity helps victims of domestic abuse


Gazebo Photo by Sabina Ajjan

Jocelyn Tang admires Christmas tree that design class created.

Every year, countless men, women, and children are subject to domestic abuse and forced to leave their homes.

This year, the Student Leadership Board is leading the holiday drive this year for the Middle Georgia Rescue Mission — an organization dedicated to helping these kinds of people start a new life. 

Freshmen are to bring cans of shaving cream, packs of razors, and Lysol spray and wipes. Sophomores should bring toilet paper, paper towels, and bottles of Tylenol. Juniors are asked to donate deodorant and toothpaste while seniors should bring shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Students may also donate five dollars if they do not have these supplies at home. 

If a homeroom attains an average of two items per person, they will earn a dress down day in January. 

Ms. Kinsey Peterson, SLB advisor, said that she has had mixed responses to this drive this year. 

“I know people wait until the end to donate. I’m not totally sure, but I know some homerooms already everyone has donated while in others, like mine, no one has.” 

The design class built the Christmas tree in the lobby in honor of this charity.