New Preschool Program Sprouts Interest

Carrots, squash, sunflowers, cotton, pumpkins, and corn are beginning to spill out of three wood-framed plots located outside of Stratford Academy’s preschool building.

The kindergarteners, under the guidance of their teachers and as part of their curriculum, are learning about agriculture and responsibility as they tend to their crops, part of a new program entitled “Stratford Grows.”

“This is a new and exciting opportunity for us,” Dr.Kelly Causey, preschool director said. The idea for the gardens was brought to the Academy by new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Andrea Seagraves.

“Stratford Grows” has quickly blossomed into a full-scale project partnered with Mr. Joe Zawacki, owner of The Dirt Farmers, and parent of freshman, Vanna, and sophomore, Jacob.

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Others at the Academy have taken note. The upper school ecology club and the middle and upper school science faculty have expressed interest and offered help. The science faculty hope to establish a garden outside of the science building to be used for class projects and experiments.

“I would love to have a garden outside of the science building, as long as there is someone to take care of it,” Mrs. Jackie Waters, upper school biology teacher said.