Deer hunting brings memories of a lifetime


My favorite thing in life is to be able to sit in a stand and hunt but especially when it is for deer.

I have always loved deer hunting ever since I sat in the stand. My dad and I have always gone together until the last two years when I have been going out by myself.

I have a lot of good memories of deer hunting. One of those many memories sticks with me. It was the day I was in a stand on highway 83 north in Forsyth and the biggest deer I had ever seen in mu life walked out.

The deer was off to the side in the brush where I could not see him. He finally came out about 25 minutes before dark. The deer was walking away from me and was at about 200 yards I put my cross hairs on his shoulder and pulled the trigger.

He jumped, took a step and fell. I could not believe it. I had killed a deer of a lifetime. I could not wait to get out of the stand and check him out.  He was a nine-pointer that scored 145.

Another great memory that I have of deer hunting is starting to hunt with a bow. Hunting with a bow brings a whole new aspect to deer hunting. When hunting with a bow you have to worry about the wind, the sounds, and smells. The reason you have to worry about so many more things is because how much closer you have to be to shoot a deer with a bow.

This year I have been in the stand every chance I get.””

— Lawson Cole

I began hunting with a bow this year. Another reason besides the challenge of hunting with a bow that makes it fun is season comes in three and a half weeks early. This year I have been in the stand every chance I get.

I shot a doe this year and it was my first deer with a bow. I hope that the rest of the season I can have good luck and get me another trophy buck on the ground. Now that the weather has cooled down I think the deer will start moving and I will be able to kill a nice buck.

Bow hunting is my favorite thing to do and hope I can continue doing it.