Brother passes down love of football


EmmaJane Canady tosses football in yard with her brother, Carter

My love for football started at a young age. When my brother, Carter, was in elementary school, he started playing for Stratford. He continued through middle school and high school.

When he was in middle school I started throwing the ball with him outside in the yard. We continued to do that for years while he was in middle school. As I became better with the ball he would teach me plays they use on the field and different techniques. I thought it was so cool how I knew the names of plays they were running when I went to all of his games.

That is how my love for football began. Every Friday night, unless the game was far away you could always see me cheering on the Eagles.

My brother graduated the year before my freshmen year but I still wanted to be involved in the football program the most I could so I volunteered to be a manager for the team. I helped load equipment onto the bus, carry everything down to the field, made sure certain players had their special footballs,  give out water in the games, and stay late and clean up after everybody.

I thought it was so cool how I knew the names of plays they were running when I went to all of his games.””

— EmmaJane Canady

I really enjoyed that year but realized I wanted to watch the game and not be running around the whole game. 

On Friday nights, most of my friends have no clue what it going on in the game and cheer when they hear other people cheering. I always have my eye on the ball and people always ask me what happened and I can almost always tell them step by step of what happened.

Besides high school football I am a big college football fan. Every Saturday that the Georgia Bulldogs are playing I am always in front of the tv watching the game or if I am in the car I will have the audio playing off my phone. 

If it were not for my brother playing football and getting me involved in the sport I would not be the same person I am today.