Perfect chair brings great joy


There are plenty of chairs at my house but there is one chair that is superior to all the others. It is not only superior because of itself but its location and what surrounds it.

First, the chair is a light-green shade with designs colored of black and yellow which are flower-like objects. The chair has a wide width, allowing maximum comfort for me. 

I can sit in it normally or prop my legs up on one of the sides. Even better, the chair has an ottoman that matches in color, and I can always plop my feet on it. It is nice to wind down and feel at home in it. More importantly, the chair offers a unique experience of serenity because of the location.

The chair is located by the kitchen and borders a wall to the left. The chair is not necessarily out in the open but not completely. This allows me to hear the TV, and I am close enough to get a snack. The chair is perfect because it is not too nice to the point where I can’t eat food but it also gives me the comfort and ability to eat snacks on it, making it ideal.

There are plenty of chairs at my house but there is one chair that is superior to all the others.”

— Ben Baxley

The location is nice because I am beside an outlet and I can easily use my phone to do what I want. The only problem is that the cord is broken and it must be at a perfect angle to work. 

Honestly, though, it is not that big of a deal. The lighting in the room can be changed from dim to bright depending on the day. There is a lamp to the right of the chair allowing more light or less light on me when wanted. Also, I have large windows coming from the kitchen that brings in a lot of sunshine.

Finally, there is a very calming and awesome painting above my seat. It was from my old house and I have always wondered what it is supposed to be. I believe it is up for interpretation, but it does look like a cardinal. 

Overall, the chair is the centerpiece of the room and it is a great place to plop down.