Maci Durso

My Palm Reading Experience

So on my birthday I got my palm read by a fortune teller at Haunted Montrose. I went into it knowing it was going to be completely made up and bogus. I sat down with her but something weird happened. I didn’t tell her anything at all about my life, but somehow she knew what was going on.

I sat down with her but something weird happened.”

— Maci Durso

Recently I had gotten into an argument with a friend and she said she saw that in my palm. She knew the exact situation I was in. I never told her anything about the argument, but somehow she was completely right, even with details. My friends also got their palms read, all of ours were different but scarily accurate. She knew lots about every single one of us, personal stuff.

We were all super freaked out, a few days later I’m still wondering how she knew so much about my life…stuff I didn’t tell her.

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