Dynamic Duo

Stratford’s Nadia Reese and Mary Elaine Mitchell make up one of the most formidible backcourts in Middle Georgia


Mary Elaine Mitchell and Nadia Reese make up one of the best backcourts in Middle Georgia.

 They have been playing together for four years and both have scored more than 1,000 points in their careers.

Their relationship as teammates has grown over the years.

When we’re on the court together we are unstoppable.””

— Nadia Reese

“She (Mary Elaine) is practically my right hand,’’ Nadia said. “And I feel like when we’re on the court together we are unstoppable.”

 They first met each other when Nadia shadowed with Mary Elaine their freshmen year. They quickly became friends on and off the court. 

“I remember she shadowed in eighth grade,” Mary Elaine said. “She said I was cool, so it made me feel pretty good. And then it kinda developed summer basketball, and we became closer and went to FCA camp the summer going into our freshman year. So we have been close ever since.”

They are seeking to win their fifth straight region title this weekend. 

“Chasing our fifth region championship is really exciting,’’ Mary Elaine said. “We know this is not going to be easy. It is probably  the hardest one to get we’ve had the past four years. But we are really excited and Coach (Ed Smith) is preparing us very well. We know that once we capture the fifth one like we are playing that anything is possible.” 

The duo shares an unbreakable bond not just on the court, but off it as well.