Miller Cranford

Miller Cranford

I began my day with hope for a non-stressful second semester, but this hope was short-lived. My mom made me pick up a Clicklist order from Kroger before I took my sister to her tennis practice. I usually go by FPD on my way to school and turn down Tucker and cross its bridge. Although, this won’t last much longer. But today, the sun was especially bright at 4:15 when I was stopped at the yield sign before the bridge. I thought the Nissan in front of me had continued onto Tucker, but it hadn’t. My bumper rammed their license plate. But I was the one who ended up with the dent, not the MDS dad. So, for dinner tonight I treated myself to a strawberry cookies n’ cream milkshake with a Chick-Fil-a sandwich and fries. If you couldn’t tell, I’m not the best driver.

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