Demerit Watch

Whether a demerit is unreasonable, bizarre, or totally deserved, Demerit Watch documents Stratford crimes great and small.  So hold onto your matching socks and avoid the wrath of Mr. Reynolds.


Name: Sam Jenkins

Class: Senior

Date: Sept. 2014

Offense: Received TAD solely for wearing his shirt untucked.  A lot.


Name: Carly Wanna

Class: Sophomore

Date: Aug. 2014

Offense: After walking into Ms. Brogdon’s office for an interview for the Gazebo, Wanna was warned about the her white and grey-striped sweater.  Although white and grey are both approved colors under the Stratford dress code, Brogdon noted that “we’re trying to crack down on stripes.” Wanna received a warning.  She has yet to receive an actual demerit at Stratford.

— By Chandler Banks and Brighten Donner