Learning curve

It’s all about planning your work and working your plan

Planners and color markers help me to organize a lot. And I listen to music without lyrics when I study to focus.”

— Megan Huynh, junior

I just keep my regular school habits of studying and for me it is easier to time manage since we aren’t spending 8 hours at school and have more time to get work done. I just keep up my school habits similar to if we were in school.”

— Chidozie Nwuabuebo, senior

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My advice is to not take this time for granted because even though we miss school and everything, I think it is important to appreciate school and teachers more and the opportunities of freedom and education America gives us when we’re not under quarantine and to appreciate your friends and family. Also, this is a good time to re-evaluate ourselves and make changes to our habits. I want this experience to bring me closer to people I love rather than distance me from them.”

— Gabrielle Rader, junior

Playing music, wearing a blanket, and making flashcards helps me focus when I study.”

— Stuart Watson, freshman

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I write down my assignments either the night before or in the morning so I can remember them, and it also helps me stay organized.”

— Abby Ellison, senior

Get up early, do your work from hardest to easiest so you can end the day easy and early instead of procrastinating until 9 p.m. that night.”

— Lauren McElrath, junior

Write everything down. I have an Expo wall, and I plan my day out there.”

— Darran Shivdat, sophomore

My tip is to have a different area to study and do school work in. Don’t study and do work in your room or in your bed because it makes it harder to fall asleep at night.”

— Sara Kate Durkee, senior

I have learned to put everything I need to do on a calendar on my phone so I know what to do each day instead of everything piling up on one day.”

— Shreya Ranabhotu. freshman

I write out what I have to do every morning in my planner and cross them out as I finish them.”

— Jenny Belle Butler, senior

“Rewriting my notes has helped me study for tests. I also like to play music while I work.”

— Price Lee, senior

Do something I do every morning before I start any of my work is write down everything I have to do that day: both school and others. On Mondays, I write my class schedule like what days I have Zoom and what time so I don’t forget any classes. Also because so much of my day is now spent staring at a screen and my eyes are really bad, I have to make sure I spend a few second every 30/45 minutes looking away from any screen and focusing on something that’s pretty far away, like a tree.”

— Sophia Tang, freshman

I wake up whenever I can early in the morning and work on a class before I have breakfast. After that just finish what work you can for an hour or so then take a break.”

— Thomas Jones, junior

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I print out a monthly calendar and fill out the work for each day. I also fold a piece of paper hamburger style and write my assignments on it.”

— Jean Hightower, freshman

I have been extremely bored. All I do is watch Tik Toks and do my schoolwork.”

— Madelyn Poss, junior

Sometimes I have to go to the Monticello Public Library and use their WiFi because my WiFi is not strong enough for Zoom meetings, so make sure you have good wifi. If you don’t, you may need to figure something else out. I try to get everything done as fast as possible so I can focus on other things.”

— Nate Jones, senior

Unless you have a Zoom or something to be up at a certain time for, sleep in as much as possible.”

— Jay Lee, junior

I like to treat the day like it is normal school schedule. That has seemed to work best for me. ”

— Marshall Butler, freshman

Do not do your work in your bed.”

— Kendall Simmons, junior

I really think people should start getting there work done in the morning and you have the afternoon to have fun.”

— Lew Story, sophomore

Staying on schedule helps a lot. Like doing each class during the time and using break and lunch.”

— Carson Simmons, junior