Worth watching

All work and no play makes us dull people. We asked for recommendations on what to watch while we’re at home


‘Gilmore Girls’ because it is too not dramatic, so it’s easy to watch while I do work.

— Sara Kate Durkee, senior

I recommend ‘Lone Survivor’. It is an older movie but it still one of my absolute favorites.

— Luke Deal, freshman

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There is a new show called ‘Next in Fashion’. It is really fun to see these fashion designers make amazing clothes in so little time.

— Mimi Rader, junior

I recommend ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘All American’, of course.

— Abigail Crick, freshman

I love ‘The Vampire Diaries’ series and some Netflix limited specials because I like cheesy teen stuff that can also deal with mature topics.

— Hailey Firlotte, junior

I love watching ‘Wedding Crashers’ with my brother.

— Gunn Bush, sophomore

‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘All American’. They are both just so good.

— Kamber Thalongsengshanh, freshman

‘Legacies’, ‘Reign’, ‘The 100’, and ‘That 70’s show’.

— Shorter McCook, sophomore

I would recommend ‘The Office’ and ‘The Flash’.

— Carter Eddlemon, senior

I recommend ‘Gilmore Girls’ on Netflix. It is such a good show.

— Shreya Ranabhotu, freshman

I’m watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Gossip Girl’.

— Kate Fruitticher, freshman

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I would definetly recommend ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘All American’, and ‘On My Block’.

— Jasmine Jokhai, freshman

I would recommend ‘Greenhouse Academy’.

— Riya Patel, freshman

‘Tiger King’ because it is hilarious and insane.

— Abby Ellison, senior

‘On My Block’ – extremely entertaining plot and easy to binge. ‘Itaewon Class’ – very dramatic, really pretty scenery, and unique plot. It just hits different. And ‘Kim’s Convenience’,  lighthearted and funny.

— Zeyna Abdulla, senior

I recommend ‘Hush’ because it’s really good.

— Esha Panse, sophomore

‘Tiger King’ was really good.

— Mekhi Lyder, sophomore

Some of my favorite shows from Netflix I recommend are ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Bojack Horsemen’, and ‘Stranger Things’.

— Stuart Watson, freshman

I would recommend ‘Money Heist’ because it is quite intriguing to watch and has many plot twists.

— Thomas Jones, junior

I recommend ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Love is Blind’.

— Kendall Simmons, junior

I recommend ‘All American’, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, and ‘Tiger King’.

— Madelyn Poss, junior

I just started ‘Big Little Lies’ because it is new to Hulu. It is so good and dramatic, and it has the best cast.

— Ellen Adams, senior

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‘All American’ because it is a very interesting show.

— Emily Hutchinson, freshman

‘All American’, and ‘Ozark’ because they are both really entertaining and keep you guessing.

— Cole Devenney, junior

“I recommend ‘Shameless’ and ‘All American’.

— Lauren McElrath, junior

I actually watch more Hulu than Netflix but on Netflix I like ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Parks and Recreation.’ But if you ever watch a show on Hulu I suggest ‘Young and Hungry’.

— Blakely Harrell, sophomore

‘All American’, and ‘Ozark’ because they are both really entertaining and keep you guessing.

— Nick Jokhai, senior