Fresh powder makes for a fun trip


Colorado is one of my favorite places to go for the snow. It snows a lot, so it is almost always fresh and powdery during the colder months. Back in February, my family and I stayed in Vail, where the weather conditions were perfect. We went skiing for three days and went snowmobiling another day, and even went and got dinner on a Snowcat, which is basically a snow tractor that was pulling a trailer.

My dad and I really like skiing, so we started off with some blue (intermediate) slopes, then we transitioned to some more difficult one. On the second day of skiing, my dad and I went down the Legendary Back Bowls. The Bowl we went on had moguls, was incredibly steep, and pretty much isolated. It was honestly kind of scary skiing down it. By the time we got to the bottom of the mountain, our legs were sore from all the moguls and the steepness of the mountain itself. We then got lunch at Garfinkles, which is at the bottom of the mountain, and is a great place to get food after skiing. 

We also got dinner on the very top of the mountain at a place called Beano’s Cabin. It was about a 20-minute, snowy ride on the back of a Snowcat. We sat on the trailer while it pulled us up the mountain. Once we got to Beano’s Cabin, we took off our jackets in the dressing room. It was a very pretty log cabin, with a live singer, and animal heads mounted all over the wall. Once we sat down we ordered our five-course meal. By the end of the dinner we were stuffed.

The last full day, we went on a snowmobiling tour. A few days before we got to Vail, there had been a bad avalanche which killed two people. Although it was likely their fault for being on an unsafe part of the mountain, it was still scary. We snowmobiled back up and down the mountain which took about three hours. When we got back to the bottom of the mountain they served us lunch at a cabin, which was really good after a long day of snowmobiling. 

It was a really great trip, and even now that it’s spring and I can’t go anywhere due to the coronavirus, I can’t wait to go skiing again.