All roads lead back to Trinity Woods

Summer camp has been a tradition for me and my friends


When I was 4 years old, I started going to Trinity Woods summer day camp. It became a huge part of my life.

Trinity Woods is a local summer day camp tucked behind Holy Trinity Church. My first time going I was extremely nervous, but I ended up meeting some of my closest friends. My friends Ben and Will Baxley got me going to the camp. 

 My favorite week to go to in the summer is Olympics Week. This is when all the campers split into groups and compete for a large trophy. My team won it all my last year at the camp, when I was in the eighth grade.

After my time as a camper was over when I reached high school I became a junior counselor. I loved being a JC. 

One year, I got to be in a group with Waldon Davis and our friend, Dillan Rosado. When we become counselors, they give us special nicknames for the kids to call us. I always had a cup in my hand to spit my sunflower seeds in, so my name became “Cup.” I gained a lot of memories from being a Junior Counselor. 

My was when we had a huge basketball game. It was the JCs vs Counselors. The game got extremely intense. All the kids were cheering our names like we were superheroes. We ended up getting killed by the counselors, but I remembered having so much fun. 

I plan on being a counselor my senior year and going back every year until I graduate from college. I keep going back every year because of the close friends I have met over the years.