Coronavirus brings feels of anxiety, disappointment

The Coronavirus is scary and something I do not want anything to do with. But, after talking to my mom and travel agents, there really are worse things people should worry about.

If the virus going to spread? Yes, of course. This virus has reached the pandemic stage. Pandemic means infecting the entire planet. That does sound scary, but the virus can really only kill older people or babies.  Scientists also are claiming if you are a smoker you have a higher chance of dying from the virus. 

It is not fun having to miss the last part of my senior year but I know everything will be OK and everything happens for a reason. ”

— Elizabeth Sellers

My senior trip to Jamaica has been canceled, but my parents still plan to go to Greece in late June for two weeks. My mom is optimistic that they will end up going and this will all blow over. Virus’ are known to die more in the heat. With hot weather approaching, my mom might be right. 

Personally, the virus has strongly affected me with it being my senior year. Senior trip is canceled, prom is jeopardy, spring break was canceled, probably senior projects due to mine being at the Medical Center, and prom is also in jeopardy.

I also am still wondering if I have told my last joke at Monday morning assembly. I am wondering if I have eaten my last FLIK cookie or sat in Mrs. Hayslip’s office one last time. This is a very emotional time with a lot of unplanned goodbyes but it is going to be for the better. 

I am one of the seniors who chose to do my senior project at Navient Health, and even before this virus outbreak, it was a struggle to choose this as my project. I had to get drug tested and TB tested to even be able to work at the hospital. 

Also, going down there was a haul in general. The Friday before we knew we would be out of school, I was supposed to go to Navicent to get my mentor to sign my second mentor meeting sheet. I had to set aside two hours just for that one meeting. Once I told my mom I was going down there, she immediately stopped me and said it wasn’t a good idea for me to go. She was nervous about the new outbreak, and was too scared for not only me, but the newborn babies at the hospital. She knew that the virus spreads very easily and quickly. 

I am very sad that I will not be able to do my senior project. I am missing out on a huge learning opportunity to see whether or not I would be interested in pursuing nursing as a career. It is not fun having to miss the last part of my senior year but I know everything will be OK and everything happens for a reason.