My friends and I all have big brothers, sisters

Most of my friends and I have an older sibling in 11th or 12th grade. We are all very close to each other’s siblings and it is very cool to see our siblings be friends.

Many of them hang out with each other very often and it is weird to think about the fact all of our siblings are the same age. My sister, Josie is in 12th grade.  Mack Strickland, Marshall Butler, Hampton Yarborough, and Luke Deal also have siblings in 12th grade, and they are all friends of their own.

Eli Miscall, Cal Hatcher, Carter Tharpe, Jimmy Bowden, and  Duke Roberts also have siblings in the 11th grade. All of their siblings are close to the others and it is very fun when we all hang out. It is really nice to have these older people to look up to and know they will have your back.

West and Parker are both the oldest in the family, though they are very close to the rest of our siblings, while Ellis has one sister in college. Having each others siblings older also means we have grown close to their friends, so it helps us meld into high school a lot easier.